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Removing Snow: Snow Shovels, Scoops, Blowers

Shoveling snow is a dreaded chore. It's cold. It's wet. You are bundled up. You don't feel like being outside. It's hard work. And you know you will soon do it again! In many places, shoveling snow outside your house is mandatory.

Snow blowers can be expensive and difficult to maintain and get ready when needed. Snow shovels are always there waiting to be used.

First thing to consider is where you live. Do you see a lot of snow during the season, or just a few inches? Do you need to get out of your driveway daily, or can you stay at home? Are there people who will be coming to your house? Are you going to walk the dog? Where is your mailbox?

When considering a snow shovel, the amount of snow is first priority. Second is how much are you going to actually need to shovel as far as area of your yard goes.

Then, determine what areas need shoveling and what the task will entail. Is it stairs? Is it a slope?

The standard snow shovel is just that. A shovel with a wide scoop. Some come with regular handles, some come with bent handles to make shoveling easier. More ergonomic, so to speak. The snow may be lighter than what you would normally shovel, but it can still get heavy. A wide scoop allows not only more snow, but a wider path swath. However, you probably won't load it up. You still have to toss the snow away.

Snow shovels have evolved into different designs. Like a big scoop. The difference is you use two hands to push the snow scoop.

Some snow shovels have wheels for easier scooping.

Some snow shovels are a combination of regular scoop shovels with a powered snow blower attached. Call them snow throwers.

If shoveling snow is not for you and you live in an area where the snow piles up, then a powered snow blower is for you.