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Tips to Save Money on Electricity

The cost of electricity is not getting cheaper. In tough times, doing all you can to save money is on everyone's mind. So, can you really cut your electric bill? You would be surprised as to how a few simple steps can curb your electricity usage. Lower your usage, and save money so you don't have to borrow money or rely on payday loans on the web to get by.

Simple steps to save electricity.

Seal up your house. Air leaks can be a major loss of heating and cooling. Check around windows and outside doors especially. If you can afford one, get an energy audit from a professional. You don't need to spend money on one. Manually checking your doors and windows is easy. Caulk them where necessary, or put small foam or rubber insulation strips.

If you are in the market for new appliances, find ones that come with the energy star label. it will show about how much it costs to run. If you have old appliances, and are not looking to replace, you should see if it would actually make sense to replace them.

Your television may be running up your electric bill even when it is off. That is because it will continue to draw power to keep all settings and to turn on instantly. Many newer TVs have electricity saver options and settings.

Shut off the vents and doors to unused rooms. No sense in wasting electricity on unused space.

Replacing old bulbs with the new florescent ones can save a few dollars a year as well. They save money overall, as they will last a lot longer than normal bulbs.

Of course, the old stand by rule, shut off all needed lights when you leave the room.

Your computer uses electricity too. Check the power saver settings and tweak them to use as less electricity as well. If anything, you should at least turn off the monitor when it is not in use.

The laundry room is another place to save on electricity and energy in general. There is no need to wash in hot or warm water, except in rare cases. Cold water saves energy and cleans the clothes just fine. If in doubt, check the laundry soap bottle label.

If outside drying is not an option, you can save electricity and maybe gas on your dryer use. You don't have to dry your clothes bone-dry. Get them mostly dry and hang them on hangers. They will actually wrinkle less.