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Electric Heated Socks

Electric Socks-Heated Socks

Looking for heated socks? Many battery-operated socks will keep your feet warm and toasty! Check out electric socks today! This lens includes other ways to keep your feet, toes, and hands warm! There are socks and slippers that plug in, and ones that use batteries. You might think that batteries in a sock may be uncomfortable, but they are normally devised to be comfortable. There are also battery heated gloves as well.

Sometimes just having your feet and hands warm makes all the difference in having an enjoyable day outdoors!

Uses for electric socks-Heated electric socks will keep your feet warm!

Here are some uses for electric socks and heated socks.

However, the possibilities are endless for heated socks!

1) Outdoor winter sports like skiing and sledding.

2) Hiking

3) Fishing

4) Watching outdoor sporting events like football

5) Working in your garden or yard

6) Hunting trips

7) Farmers

8) Ranchers

9) Outdoor job like street repair, tree-trimmers, linemen, roofers, carpenters, etc.

10) Horseback riding

11) Golfing on cold mornings

12) Camping trips

13) Walking the dog

14) Cold feet in bed

15) Anytime you are outdoors in cold weather!

Your electric socks will come in quite handy!

You will wonder how you ever got along without them!

How do electric socks work? There are battery powered and plug-in kind

Electric socks work much the same as electric blankets on a smaller scale. The batter of the electric sock is attached to heating element wires. The wires of good electric socks are contained on channels so the wires cannot be felt by the wearer.

Plug in heated socks are for home use. They conveniently plug into a wall outlet, allowing you to warm yourself without heating up the whole house.

Tips for using Electric Socks

Each electric sock operates on its own battery. Most electric socks use a "D" size batter, which is a large battery. Be aware of the size and weight of each of the pouches that contain the battery. Heavy boots are probably the best way to go, as the battery pouch can be contained with little problem or added bulk. If you wear electric socks and use regular shoes and pants, you may have a bulge. The electric socks are built to hold up, including the battery pouch. The electric socks may take a while to get used to.

Also, some electric socks warm the whole foot, while others warm only the toes. Be sure to get exactly the electric socks you want.

The batteries in electric socks normally last anywhere from three to eight hours. But because battery life is iffy, you should always carry extra batteries if you plan on being out for a long time.

Having your feet warmed by electric socks is fine, but be sure and take care of the rest of your body. Electric socks should not be the sole source of warmth or you will be in danger. Dress accordingly!