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Choosing a Generator for Your Home

There are two types of generators for homes that you can use. The first one is a portable unit. This can be connected to your current electrical system to supply emergency power when needed. This portable unit also can be used to power outdoor activities.

The second type is called a stand alone unit, that is directly connected to your home's power supply. This will automatically kick in when your power goes off. It is also not portable. It will be permanently installed in a location that is convenient.

Portable Generators.

If you go for a portable generator, always buy one that can be readily connected to your home in case of an emergency. That is the main reason to have a generator. You may wish to buy two. One for your home, and one for using outdoors.

Why choose a portable Generator ?

Portable generators are much cheaper. And the best thing is that they are, well, portable. You can use them just about anywhere. If you live in an area that only gets a few blackouts or power outages a year, you may get away with just a portable unit. This is especially true if you do a lot of outdoor activities. You will want a portable generator.

Remember that a portable generator will not be able to power your whole house, but just a few needed electrical items. Like a refrigerator and a couple of lights.

Stand Alone Generators.

If you have a large house or a large family, and wish to power as much as you can in a blackout, you will want a stand alone unit. Even this will probably not power your whole house, but certainly a lot more than most portable units. But they can be expensive and require space to be installed. They can be quite large. If you live in an area that gets a lot of wild weather, from rain and hail, to snow and ice, then you will enjoy the luxury of a stand alone generator.

Even if you choose a stand alone unit, it always pays to have a portable on on hand as well.

Just because you live an area that has mild weather, you never know when the power will go down. Earthquakes as well as rolling blackouts and brownouts are a possibility. Don't be caught in the dark.