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2000 Watt Generators

Will a 2000 watt generator be enough?

You might have seen several 2000 watt generators and think that's what you need. But can that really give you the backup power you need. There are several technical things that one could run through, but let's keep it simple. A 2000 watt generator is really great for camping trips, outdoor parties, or maybe even on your boat. And at home they will power something. But it will not keep most large appliances working, and certainly not a large heater. If you happen to need backup power in the summer, you need to think about keeping food cold, perhaps a fan, and of course some lights.

A 2000 watt generator could run a full size refrigerator, and maybe a few lights. But you could not run very many things at once. If you think you can get by with just running your fridge, go for it. But most people want to run more things. Because microwaves, fans, hair dryers, lamps, etc. add quite a bit to the load, a 2000 watt generator will just not cut it in these situations. You could not even run a window air conditioner with one. If you can get by with a few lights, perhaps a very small space heater or fan, then sure, a 2000 watt generator could be practical. Since most times the power goes out for just a short time, you could get by in a pinch.

Winter has it's own problems. With a small space heater and a few lights, a 2000 watt generator might do for a short time. Families would basically need to stay in one room and use electricity sparingly.

If you are going to rely on a 2000 watt backup generator, be prepared to eat food that does not need to be cooked, have battery powered lanterns, flashlights, candles, and of course some blankets. If you have a fireplace nd plenty of wood, that would perhaps eliminate the need for a heater.

Do you rely on well water with an electric pump? You will probably be out of luck trying to run it with a 2000 watt generator.

If you need full house power with no interruptions, a whole house backup generator is really what you need. Having a house in areas where the power goes out often and for long periods, this could be a must. It would be quite difficult to live on a 2000 watt generator.

Just on a side note, a contractor using power tools and air compressor could never get by.

Keep in mind that when starting some appliances, it requires more wattage than to keep them running. That means on a 2000 watt generator, you might not even be able to get some things going. Some generators will provide more power for a few seconds to start things up. Be sure and check this in the product details.

So, what would be a nice backup generator? One that produces at least 5000 watts. Some of these even do about 7000 watts for a short time to start all your appliances. A 5000 watt generator could probably provide enough power for an average household. This would include a refrigerator, well pump, heater, and few other things as well. If you want to be really safe, get one rated for 7000. Be sure and provide an easy way to hook things up.

To sum this up, a 2000 watt generator is nice for small things, especially camping when you only need lights and radios, perhaps even a small electric grill. But they never could power the needs of a family in an average house, especially if the power was out for a day or more.